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September, 26th-28th 2010,
St. Petersburg. The 4th International Conference “Modernization of Higher Music Education and Implementation of the Bologna Process Principles in Russia, Countries of CIS and Europe”. More information ->>

October, 29th-30th 2010, Moscow. The IXth theoretical and practical conference with international participation “The Psychology and Pedagogy of Musical Education: Past, Present and Future”. More information ->>

November, 23d-26th 2010, St. Petersburg. The Fifth D. B. Kabalevsky International Competition “Music Teacher XXI”. More information ->>

April, 12th-13th 2010, St. Petersburg. International conferences: Methodological problems of the contemporary music education. More information ->>

October, 17th-19th 2009, Magnitogorsk. 4th International Competition "Music Teacher of 21st Century" will be held by RussSME.

Mai, 23rd 2009. Elections of new board took place.

Mai, 4th 2009. After the Conference on Musical Education in Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (October 2007) we have grown up and have at the moment 66 group members comparatively to 42 before.  

January, 1st 2009. During the year 2008 our Website had got about 5500 visits from 83 countries (after Google Analytics).

April, 25th 2008. Second International Competition of Creative Activity "Music and Electronics". Deadline:  15.06.2008. Detailed information ->>

November, 11th 2007. At the meeting of the 3rd International Conference on Musical Education in Saint Petersburg, at which Heads of Cultural Institutions of the Russian Federation, rectors of conservatories and universities, as well as the President of the International Music Council were present, it was decided that the function and duties of the Russian Federation Music Council would be taken over by RussSME. In the light of this decision, the 27th of October 2007 would be considered as the date of the establishment of the Russian Federation Music Council.

July, 20th 2007. Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. 3rd International Conference on Musical Education "Musical Education and Training in Russia, CIS Countries and Europe in the 21st Century. Current Issues and Future Prospects". Dates: October 25-27, 2007. Detailed information ->>

March, 27th 2007. Scientifically-practical conference "The Way to Playing Music" (to the 100 anniversary from the date of a birth of Lev Barenboim) with assistance of RussSME will be organized by Courses of improvement of qualification of teachers, Committee on culture of Moscow, and the State Central Glinka-Museum of musical culture. Conference takes place on March, 29-30th in the State Central Glinka-Museum of musical culture in Moscow.

June, 9th 2006. Scientific-practical conference: "Development of the scientific heritage of Boris Teplov in the world science (devoted to his 110-year birth day)" will be held in Psychological Institute of The Russian Academy of Education in November, 15-16, 2006. More information in DOC format: download

December, 20th 2005. Since November, 18th 2005 we have an opportunity to observe attendance of our website through Google Analytics. Here you can see Geographic Overlay of Globe (as of December, 20th 2005). Yellow circles note cities from which we are visited more often.

December, 9th 2005.
Moris Bonfeld has died on December, 9th, 2005 (read more).

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